A Geek’s Life

Journey With Programming Languages - Part 1

The School

I first saw a PC at a relative’s house, on which I just played NES ( the Nintendo Entertainment System ) like games.

My first PC was Intel Pentium III, 800 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, but it was good enough to play the original GTA Vice City.

My first encounter with programming was with MS Logo as part of my school curriculum. I can’t exactly remember which grade I was in at that time. It used simple commands to draw lines, shapes and patterns. It was an awesome first time experience. I used to try various commands trying to build spider-web like patterns.

Then I got introduced to HTML, the language of Web, as it was also a part of my school curriculum. It gave me a sense of working with something that’s really being used heavily out there. It was fun to make awfully looking colorful pages and link them with each other.

In my final grade, we had Java. It felt a lot more related to programming than HTML (I think everybody agrees with that). With that came stuff like Object Oriented Programming, classes, object etc. I was able to understand the basics of programming like variables, types, conditionals etc. but was not pretty clear with the whole Object-Oriented stuff and why things were supposed to be done in that way. I learned the definitions but failed to grasp the true meaning, may be due to my small age and lack of abstract thinking.

That was the time I decided that this is the thing I am going to do for making a living. It gave me a sense of creativity and it was a great feeling to see my code work (for the first time). It gave me a sense of happiness. I felt emotionally attached to code. After completing my matriculation I decided to go for a Diploma in Computer Science instead of conventional higher secondary education, as Maths, Physics and Chemistry failed to excite me much, and there was no point in continuing them ( which I regretted later as my interest aroused in Game Development which heavily relied on Maths and Physics)

This was end of my schooling and then I continued my education by joining Diploma in Computer Science.

To be continued